Share Structure

As of December 30, 2017

Issued Share Capital No. of ordinary share
Common Shares Issued 272,607,289
Stock Options Outstanding 2,290,462
Fully Diluted 274,897,751

Significant Shareholders No. of ordinary share Percentages
China Investment Corporation
(via Land Breeze II S.à-r.l.)
64,766,591 23.76%
China Cinda Asset Management Co. Ltd
(via Novel Sunrise Investments Limited)
46,358,978 17.01%
Voyage Wisdom Limited
(owned by management team of the Company)
25,768,162 9.45%

Cusip No. 844375204
ISIN No. CA8443751059
Shares Listed
Toronto Stock Exchange TSX: SGQ
Hong Kong Stock Exchange HK: 1878